Roller Shutter Repairs Rochdale

Looking for reliable and trusted roller shutter repairs in Rochdale? If so, look no further than UK Doors & Shutters.

For over 20 years, we have been the go-to roller shutter repair company in your area and continue to offer an unrivalled service.

Whether you're having difficulty opening and closing your shutter or it's starting to show malfunctioning, we are here to help.

Repairs are available for all residential, commercial and industrial roller shutters, so what are you waiting for?

Call us today at 01204 918991 for emergency repairs or click the button above to book your online repair today.

 Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am till 4.30pm but if you have an emergency outside these hours, call the above number immediately. 

Further Terms & Conditions

We charge a labour only fee and it's only £120 + VAT. This covers you for getting an engineer to your property and up to an hour's on-site labour if any parts or any extra work is required.

We will need to quote you for this if in the unlikely event we're unable to fix it without parts being needed or if any extra work / labour is required.

Please note 99% of call-outs repairs result in a repair at no extra cost but if extra work / labour or any parts are required we will quote for this.

Electric & Manual Roller Shutter Repairs Rochdale

Whether you have an older style of shutter or a modern-day electric roller shutter, UK Doors & Shutters are here to provide comprehensive repairs, day or night, we'll be there! 

Although both types of shutters serve a similar purpose, the types of malfunctioning and repairs required can be very different. But worry not, we have the expertise required to get your shutter back to full working condition with little hassle.

There are occasions where issues occur though so repairs may be necessary in order to keep the roller shutter working properly. 

Hiring a professional, 5-star company for this is so important and proper maintenance is a must. Use our 24/7 repairs service here at UK Doors & Shutters Rochdale.

Signs You Require Roller Shutter Repair

Unsure if you require roller shutter repair and should contact us? There are some clear signs and indicators that you should look out for when it comes to roller shutter deterioration and malfunctioning.

See below, a list of the most common signs that your roller shutters need some repairs:

Difficulty operating the shutter: If you notice that your roller shutter is becoming increasingly difficult to open or close, it could be a sign of underlying issues such as misaligned tracks, damaged slats, or problems with the motor mechanism.

Sagging or uneven movement: A roller shutter that sags or moves unevenly when opening or closing may have issues with its alignment or balance. This can be caused by worn-out components, loose screws, or damage to the tracks or guides.

Visible rust or corrosion: Rust or corrosion on the surface of the roller shutter or its components is a clear indication of moisture damage. Left unchecked, rust can weaken the structure of the shutter and lead to further deterioration.

Visible damage: Obvious signs of damage, such as dents, cracks, or bent slats, indicate that your roller shutter has suffered physical damage. Ignoring visible damage can lead to further deterioration and compromise the security of the shutter.

Why Choose UK Doors & Shutters?

UK Doors & Shutters are here for you, day or night, to provide comprehensive and efficient roller shutter repairs in Rochdale. We understand that when your experience roller shutter breakdowns it can cause stress and sometimes even cause business downtime. Fortunately, we have engineers in your area that can provide an immediate repair response to put your mind at ease and restore your shutter to full working condition.

We always do our utmost to provide a cost-effective roller shutter repair. However, in some instances, this is not possible. When this happens it may be a more viable option to consider like-for-like replacement or even upgrade to a more modern-day shutter.

Repairs also available for other types of doors including:

  • Industrial Doors.
  • Steel Doors.
  • Sectional Doors.
  • Rapid Roll Doors.
  • Automatic Doors.
  • And Many More!

Contact UK Doors & Shutters

Want to book us in for your roller shutter repairs in Warrington? Call our direct line today on 01204 918 991. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Should I invest in a new shutter?

If your roller shutter requires frequent repairs or if it consistently malfunctions despite repairs, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new shutter rather than continuing to repair an old, unreliable one.

Is it serious if my shutter is affected by rust or corrosion?

Rust or corrosion on the surface of the roller shutter or its components is a clear indication of moisture damage. Left unchecked, rust can weaken the structure of the shutter and lead to further deterioration.

How long will my repair take?

The complexity of the issue affecting the roller shutter will significantly impact the repair time. Minor issues like a broken slat might be fixed relatively quickly, while more extensive problems, such as motor failure, could take longer to diagnose and repair.

Do roller shutters have a lifespan?

Like any mechanical or structural component, roller shutters have a limited lifespan. If your shutter is nearing the end of its expected lifespan or if it has already exceeded it, replacing it before it fails completely can prevent unexpected disruptions and expenses.