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Are you considering new installations of roller shutters, garage doors, shopfronts, or doors? Booking a free site survey is a vital step in this process. This survey lays the groundwork for a successful installation experience tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you're seeking a singular or multiple roller shutter installation, UK Doors & Shutters are here to assist you and provide an excellent service. We cover the entirety of the North West, as your 5-star-rated company, and provide a prompt service.

Ensuring quality roller shutter installation is undoubtedly the best way to enhance property security and deter potential burglars or thieves.

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Roller Shutter Installations - Doors & Services

Roller Shutters

If you're seeking a commercial or industrial roller shutter, we are here to help and provide a FREE site survey. Roller shutters are available in Aluminium or Steel, depending on your bespoke requirements, are especially manufactured to ensure to deter potential intruders or thieves.


UK Doors & Shutters can also install the following types of doors:


  • Roller Garage Doors - UK Doors & Shutters also provide roller garage door installations for residential properties throughout the North West. Roller garage doors are excellent for improving property security whilst also enhancing curb appeal.

  • Shopfront Shutters - Shopfront shutters are frequently installed by our 5-star-rated team. Whether your are located on the high-street or in a discreet location, we can provide the security you're seeking. Repairs and servicing are also available.


  • Other Commercial Doors - Other types of installations we provide include; sectional doors, automatic doors, fire exit doors, steel personnel doors, security grills, and much more. Contact us today if you have any questions.


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Roller Shutter Installation - Benefits

  1. Security: Roller shutters provide a robust physical barrier against intruders, vandalism, and burglary attempts, enhancing the security of properties.

  2. Privacy: They offer privacy by blocking the view into the premises when closed, making them ideal for residential properties and businesses that require discretion.

  3. Weather Protection: Roller shutters provide protection against harsh weather conditions such as storms, heavy rain, and strong winds.

  4. Energy Efficiency: They can help improve energy efficiency by providing insulation against heat loss in colder months & reducing heat gain during summer.

  5. Noise Reduction: Roller shutters can significantly reduce external noise levels, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment,.

  6. Light Control: They offer control over natural light entering the premises, allowing you to adjust the level of brightness according to your preferences.


Why Choose UK Doors & Shutters?

When it comes to roller shutter installation, UK Doors & Shutters are the leading roller shutter company in the North West.

Whether you're seeking electrically-operated roller shutters, manual shutters, or additional remote control key-fobs, we are just a phone call away.

UK Doors & Shutters have professionally trained and highly-experienced engineers located in your area that are waiting for your call.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on providing a prompt and local service. So when you need us in an emergency to secure your premises, you can be sure we'll be there within just a couple of hours.

Installations are available for a wide range of commercial and industrial establishments including: shopfronts, private businesses, office blocks, industrial units, and more.

Furthermore, we also install roller garage doors for residential properties.

Further reasons to choose UK Doors & Shutters include:

  • 5-star-rated company
  • FREE surveys available
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Friendly and professional team