Signs You Need Roller Shutter Repairs

Your roller shutters serve as the first line of defence to protect your business or home. They enhance overall security, provide insulation and often deter potential vandalism or theft. As strong and durable as they are, they can start to deteriorate over time. When this happens, it's paramount to react quickly to ensure that they remain highly secure and functional.

In this latest blog, UK Doors & Shutters cover the key signs you need roller shutter repairs, helping you to look out for those indicators that your shutter(s) security may be compromised.

Key signs you need roller shutter repairs include:

  • Difficulty opening or closing shutters
  • Unusual shutter noises
  • Visible damage
  • Uneven movement
  • Safety concerns
  • Increased energy bills
  • Age of your shutters

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Let's get into the key signs your shutters need repair and immediate attention...

Difficulty opening or closing shutters

UK Doors & Shutters provide roller shutter repairs every day of the week, day and night, and this is the number one type of fault that we provide repairs for. If you're experiencing difficulty opening or closing your shutters(s), this is extremely common, and we can provide a same-day repair solution for you. Whether you're finding yourself exerting more force than usual to operate your shutters or they're getting stuck half way, it's a must to act urgently with this type of malfunction.


Unusual shutter noises

Have you noticed that your shutters are making unusual noises when in use? If so, this is another indicating sign that your shutters may need urgent repair. Roller shutters are designed to operate smoothly and quietly so if you notice any unusual squeaking or grinding noises, this could be an indicator that there are underlying problems. Unusual shutters noises commonly happen as a result of loose parts or debris that's been trapped in the track for some time.


Visible damage

This is the most obvious sign that your roller shutters required repair. Has your shutters experienced vandalism or have you recently identified visible damage? If so, we urge you to get in touch with UK Doors & Shutters. It's always great practice to regularly look out for any signs of corrosion, cracks, or dents on your shutters. Damaged slats, for example, can affect the appearance of your shutters and compromise your security significantly.


Uneven movement

Have you noticed uneven movement with your roller shutters? For example, if you've noticed your shutters are out of alignment or balance, it's paramount to pay attention to this. When operating to maximum functionality, they should move up and down smoothly. Uneven movement can be caused by a number of factors such as damaged tracks, bent slats, or even issues with the shutter spring mechanisms. If not seen too promptly, it can cause a whole host of further issues.

Safety concerns

Similarly to uneven movement, if you notice any clear signs of swaying or sagging shutters, it's imperative to address these issues. Malfunctioning roller shutters can pose significant safety hazards to those that use them regularly so ensuring that you invest in prompt repairs ensure the safety and security of your premises. As well as safety concerns, swaying shutters can also leave your property at increased chance of break-ins or vandalism.


Increased Energy Bills

Roller shutters are well-known for their energy-efficient and insulation benefits. If you notice a sudden surge in energy bills, it may be a sign that your roller shutters are not working to full operation or efficiency. It may be a result of your shutters being improperly sealed or they may have sustained damage that isn't easily visible to the eye. Repairing any leaks or seals can help to prevent your energy bills from further surging and get back to what you're used to. 


Age of your shutters

Consider the age of your roller shutters. Although they are built to last, they have their expected lifespan just like any other type of mechanical system. As they age, they are likely to bring you more issues that need addressing. If your shutters are more than 10 years old and causing your repeat costly repairs, it may be an idea to invest in brand-new electric shutters or a like-for-like replacement. Furthermore, scheduling maintenance and inspection is also imperative.


Signs You Need Roller Shutter Repairs

Recognising all or even some of the above signs that you require roller shutter repairs is imperative for maintaining the functionality, efficiency, and security of your property. Spotting early signs or elements of your shutters that require repair can also save you a lot of money in the long-term. 

It's important to never ignore the warning signals and to get in touch with a local and professional shutter repair company that can offer a same-day service...Enter UK Doors & Shutters!


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